Top Ten Photographers

My Top Ten photographers

10.Richard Avedon

A photographer who often uses a white background so the viewer doesn’t lose focus of the subject. He traveled across the American West taking portraits against a plain white background to make a collective portrait.

9. Alexander Rodchenko

One of the first photographers to use ‘severe’ angles to create abstract images as he did not like “from the navel” photography.

8. Martin Parr

A documentary photographer who is most know for his series on British culture. In particular I like his series entitled ‘Luxury’, which documents the wealthy population in order to express his own concept of ‘Greed’.

7. Robert Capa

One of the most famous war photographers of all time. His picture; “Falling solider” of a solider being shot during the Spanish civil war (1936 to 1939) still holds controversy as to whether it was staged.

6. Louis Daguerre

Inventor of the Daguerreotype, he was a pioneer of early photography creating some landmark images that are truly inspirational. This one was taken with an 8 hour exposure!

5. Wiliam Eggleston

One of the first photographers to fully embrace color photography, he never really explains what his photographs are about, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer.

4. Henri Cartier Bresson

Bresson was a photographer who hated having his picture taken, despite his fame he valued his privacy. He never used a flash when taking his pictures as he thought that it was “impolite, like coming to a concert with a pistol in your hand.”.

3. Annie Leibovitz

Starting off as a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, she has taken some fantastic shots of all kinds of musicians and celebrities.

2. David Hockney

Famous for his unique composite photos where he uses multiple polaroids to create one single image. These images have a very surreal feel to them.

1. Ansel Adams

A landscape photographer who is renowned for his high-contrast monochrome images of American national parks, in particular Yosemite National Park.

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