Top Ten Architects

My Top Ten list of Architects.

10. Konstantin Melnikov

A great Architect, Konstantin was a highly respected avant-garde artist who created utterly different work to that of his peers. Refusing to conform to ‘Stalinist architecture’ he retired from the industry standing firmly by his principles.

9. Jørn Utzon

Most famous for his radical design for the Sydney opera house, he uses quite ordinary shapes in innovative and amazing combination to create some really inspiring designs.

8. Hablinski + Manion

The buildings these architects create are magnificent, they remind me of old English mansions and really radiate class from every arch to every room.

7. Shubin+Donaldson

This is a partnership that has a real belief in the use of cubes. Their style relies so heavily on cubes that they have become experts on the use of them, using this simple shape in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

6. Marc Appleton

I would love to own an Appleton building, in my opinion they are the very definition of luxury. Built in picturesque locations on the outside they have a very traditionl Spanish feel to them but inside they have a unique combination of tradition and modern thinking.

5. Santiago Calatrava

Named one of the best architects in the world, Calatrava is a Spanish designer who has buildings all around the world. I personally really like his work with spirals, the look is so out of place next to the ‘normal’ buildings it really is refreshing.

4. Kazuyo Sejima

A student of Toyo Ito her designs often utilize clean, white square cubes. This gives her buildings a very unique style, her use of white on the surfaces gives her buildings a very hygienic feel.

3. Toyo Ito

His work looks very clean and fresh, I love his idea that architecture is ‘clothing’ for urban dwellers, I think that this says a lot about his work ethics.

2. Frank Gehry

His crazy designs are so different and bold, seeing one of his buildings is a real experience.

1. Zaha Hadid

I find her use of smooth curves fantastic, I think that her designs are truly futuristic and the way that the building flows from one section to the next seamlessly is quite beautiful.

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