Top ten Illustrators

Yet another Top Ten list. This one was tricky, illustrators are always the best at what they do, and quite frankly every illustration I’ve looked at has been a masterpiece.

10. Frank Miller

This ‘comic book’ artist is famous for his unique style of noir drawing, he relies heavily on shadows and very few colors. This style is very effective at creating a dark atmosphere and is perfect for the macabre nature of his ‘Sin City novels’.

9. John How

Most famous for depicting famous scenes from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, his cover image for ‘The Hobbit’ is easily the most memorable. His paintings havea great sense of movement, and really look as if he’s just captured a single fleeting moment in time. Often filled with action, his design are always impressive and exciting.

8. Bernie Wrightson

I remember being asked to analyze a piece of his work for a project, I studied his image of Frankenstein and I found it fascinating, the way he uses down strokes of the pen to create the image gives us a wonderful dark tone to the picture. I really admire this ability to put so much emotion into a single scene.

7. John Solie

This film poster artist’s work has a very traditional feel to it, he worked with with some classic films, and he gave them classic posters. This era of film asked for a very specific look to their posters, and Solie nailed it. While personally I think this style looks slightly flat and at sometimes dull, I really admire the time and effort put into each and every one.

6. John Berkey

Berkey is another great poster artist who specializes in sci-fi films. His paintings are very action packed, often taking place in the middle of some epic scene or sometimes halfway through a battle. He manages to capture the scene perfect with a style that reminds me very much of George Hull.

5. George Hull

A concept artist, most famous for his work on the ‘Matrix’ sequels, his work is the very definition of detail. Every one of his drawings has every wire, every bolt and every tiny little detail added with the meticulous accuracy that concept artists all possess, but he has a certain sketchiness to his style that makes his pieces so stylish.

4. M.C. Eschner

I could stare at one of Eschners impossible drawings for hours, they are so well drawn and complex. He is an amazing artist, and the thought and care he puts into his work really shows through each and everyone of his designs.

3. Paul Kidby

A fantastic artist whose great sense of humour shines through in every piece he does. He is best know for his work on the original (and best) covers of the discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

2. Bill Watterson

Creator of ‘Calvin and Hobbs’ he creates stories that are beautiful, highly intelligent and hilarious. Every single tiny little sketch of the two is a priceless gem of brilliant writing and ingenious drawings. These characters never fail to brighten my, and although  he has now retired, Bill Watterson’s characters continue to spread wit and humor throughout the world.

1. Drew Struzan

Looking back at some my favorite films growing up, it’s the Struzan poster that sticks out and identifies the film, (maybe thats just because Im a designer but humour me). Drew Struzan is quite simply, a legend. He has painted the faces of childhood heros of an entire generation, films that I and all of my peers grew up with are forever represented by the glorious artwork of Struzan. Using traditional materials he manages to create images that are so detailed people often mistake them for photographs.

Take it easy

Captain out

P.S. All hail the lord God Drew Stuzan!


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