10 favourite designers

Hey heres my next Top Ten list. This time it’s designers.

10. Alan Aboud

I don’t know much about this designer, but his work is brilliant in its simplicity. His ‘London’ design is so effective andoutstanding it really shows me that you can design with almost nothing.

9. Milton Glasier

Everyone in the world has seen his design, or a variation of it. Most famous for his ‘I love NY’ campaign, this iconic image hasbeen replicated millions of times to play off or parody his original design, it goes to show how powerful three letters and a shape can be.

8. Banksy

Although he is principally a Graffiti artist, his art work never ceases to make me laugh or to make me think.

7. Tom Eckersley

As a designer, his posters are some of the most effective and yet the most simple that I have ever seen, they often consist of a series of geometric shapes that fit together to make a scene. As a lecturer he set up the first undergraduate graphic design courses in Britain, so with out him I’d probably be doing ‘fine art’, thank you Tom.

6. Jonathan Barnbrook

While I do like his work, in particular his album cover for ‘Heathen’, what I remember most about him are his outspoken beliefs that deisgn should have a conscience and that; “Design is a weapon for social change”, this quote inparticular always reminds me just how influential design in advertising can be.

5. Saul Bass

As a graphic designer turned film maker Saul Bass has worked on some of the best films ever made, his title sequences and film posters are so surreal and vibrant, they turned a corner in film design and made the most unforgettable films.

4. Bronislaw Zelek

Almost an unknown artist Bronislaw is a polish designer who did the film poster for Hitchcock’s ‘The birds’ Polish release. Film posters being a personal love of mine his ‘Ptaki’ is one of my all-time favorites.

3. Reza Abedini

I find his work with Persian typography truly inspiring. I have always thought that characters in asian languages are so much more artistic than those of western writing, and the designs that he creates really emphasizes this fact.

2. April Greiman

April Greiman is famous for being one of the first designers to really embrace computer technology as a viable design tool. I think this is an example to embrace new concepts and roll with what life throws at you.

1. David Carson

This surfer come graphic designer, amazed the industry when he started designing magazines that broke even the most basic rules of design, why did he break them? Not because he thought he was cool, he simply didn’t know them. He took a weekend course in design and said “Yeah I like this lets do it!”. I always remember his story whenever Im trying think up a different approach to a project. It’s quite easy to ‘think outside the box’ if you forget that there is a box.

Take it easy

Captain out

P.S. There is no spoon….


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