10 best websites

Heres my personal 10 favourite websites, just because…


This website is just so simple and so fun. Theres not much to it really, but if you’ve got a spare 5 minutes it’ll give you a laugh.


This is the simplest website I have ever seen, run by a lecturer at my university, Mr. Jason Evans, the site comprises of a single photograph of something that made him smile that day. Every day a different picture, every day a different smile for me, awesome.

8. http://www.yugop.net

This website is just awesome. It’s only a kind of online portfolio/branding site for KDDI, but damn I could watch that claymation page all day.

7. http://www.deviantart.com

I know most people just crossed off my blog because of this but hear me out. When I first started design in college (4 years ago, holy crap) I set up an account on this site and I found everyone really friendly and inspirational, its just a really enthusiastic online community full of amazing artists. Though it can be overwhelmed with creepy anthro-art and depressing self-portraits by people who think that taking all their photos in black and white makes them look ‘edgy’ and ‘professional’.


Similar to deviantart but much more mature and offensive. This site also exhibits peoples still artwork but is based more on a wide range of flash animations and games.


Drew Struzan is one of my favourite artists alive today, what that man can do with a piece of blank canvas is amazing. His website looks very stylish and exhibits some of his personal artwork, while I find this very inspirational, he doesn’t show any of his movie posters (I guess because of copyright issues with the producers) and the website navigation can be awkward and confusing, but hey…it’s Drew Struzan!


Youtube is such a simple idea and yet it’s a house hold name around the world. If I ever need a laugh, youtube or I want to check a news report, youtube or maybe I want to see a friends short film, youtube! It has no genre or style it just is, youtube is never, never going to leave the internet.


Worshipped by students around the world this site is so user-friendly and simple to use that it’s no wonder that it’s risen greatly in popularity and fame as a reliable tool for information. Being written by viewers the facts are not 100% certain there is almost nowhere better or faster to go to for a starter course on any subject or field you could possibly think of.


Here we have a website run by a group of creative writers and worshiped by an army of loyal fans. Based mainly around the comedic stylings of Doug Walker, this is a website that offers something for everyone, absolutely anyone can be entertained by the huge variety of video sketches and reviews on this ever growing website where the viewer is the most important person.


This website is genius. Theres nothing more on each page than a simple, short stick cartoon, but they are so well written and just so intelligent that you ask for nothing else. I could spend hours on this website (and I have) being inspired by the creativity and intelligence from the mind of a brilliant human being.

Take it easy.

Captain out.

P.S. That last one is for Ben. Hi Ben!


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