Ballsy Bungie

You don’t often see game trailers in live action, it’s just not a good idea. But if one company can pull it off it’s Bungie, I mean damn, the Halo game series has got to be the best selling FPS’s of all time so how do you do it credit with a new release? By making a short action film as a trailer you say? Bring it on! I swear that this trailer fits more emotion, depth and excitement into 1 minute and 32 seconds than most action films do in 2 hours. Man I don’t know why they keep canceling the Halo film, if it’s anything like this it’ll be amazing.

Take it easy

Captain out


4 Responses to Ballsy Bungie

  1. magpiei759 says:

    AHHH Good old odst i rember my time in that service good time shame i got cort marshaled for team killing
    good times good times

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